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Model 6127 Kwik Start (North America) 110 Volt Roll Around Starting Unit
Model 6127EX Kwik Start (International) 220 VAC Roll Around Starting Unit

• On-board starter battery gives more cranking power than any fast charger — up to 1100 amps cranking power
• Assists both customers and employees where there is no electrical power
• Recharges battery up to 20X faster than hand-carried units
• Solid state circuitry monitors battery condition and maintains maximum state of charge
• Fully automatic 10 amp charger recharges starter battery or any on-board 12 volt battery
• Will accommodate a user supplied group 24 battery
• Safety Patented “Stop/Go light” on cable and 500 amp insulated clamps with patented “Flexi-Spring” cable guards warn operators before making a reverse connection
• Plugs into any AC outlet for rapid automatic recharging
• Designed for safe handling in any weather
• Includes convenient clamp bar for easy and safe storage of clamps when not in use

• Car dealerships • Industrial plants
• Airport operations • Shopping centers

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