Model 6042

12V 0-500 Amp Carbon Pile Battery Load Tester and 12/24V Electrical Systems Tester

• Test batteries up to 1000 CCA
• Interprets data from the charging/starting system on easy-to-read LCD displays
• Shows positive and negative amps for easy diagnosis of current leakage problems
• 0-500 Amp variable carbon pile load tester
• Unique curved carbon discs ensure maximum contact, fewer hot spots, smoother operation and longer life
• Heavy-duty single extruded leads for testing up to 15 feet apart
• Test electrical systems on 12/24 Volt systems
• Test all battery types
• Ideal for testing remotely mounted batteries accurately
• INCLUDES: Model 6043 1000 Amp AC/DC Inductive Amp Clamp for checking starter draw or parasitic drain test, also can be used with conventional multi-meters; heavy duty, two wheel tilt-back cart with 8” wheels and 2 trays.
• Made in USA of US and Global Components

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