IBC6008/IBC6008MSK Quick Start Guide
1) After applying AC power, Select Charge Type: Partial (will return about 75% to battery), Complete (Charges per the
prescribe settings), Reflash Power (Supplies a constant voltage to battery), Memory Saver (optional: used to hold the memory
of a vehicle while changing battery), Crank (used to assist in starting vehicle), or Manual (Holds at the set
Voltage/Current for the pre-set time).

2) If a charge is selected then choose one of the following Battery Type: AGM, Flooded, Enhanced Flooded, GEL, Deep Cycle,
or Li-ion. Note: When charging Li-ion make sure the voltage setting matches manufacture specification.

3) After selecting Battery Type if a battery of greater than 2V is present charger will start in 10 seconds, if not press
On/Off to start the charge.
LCD contrast, Buzzer, and Language can be set by holding the select button for 5 seconds. See Manual for Warnings, Cautions
and more detailed directions on operation of this charger.

IBC Display quickguide flowchart

IBC6008 Manual

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