Associated Equipment’s INTELLAMATIC® IBC6008MSK Adjustable Battery Charger/Analyzer Selected Winner of 2020 PTEN Innovation Award

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) announces the Model IBC6008MSK Adjustable Battery Charger/Analyzer was selected as winner PTEN Magazine’s prestigious Innovation Award in the Battery Service category. The IBC6008MSK is featured in the August 2020 issues of PTEN and Professional Distributor Magazine’s as a new, exciting and innovative product for professional technicians and shop owners.

“We are excited that our new IBC6008MSK won the 2020 PTEN Innovation Award for Battery Service. Our next generation battery charger/analyzer is capable of charging almost all 12V battery types; AGM, WET/Flooded, Gel, Deep-Cycle, Lithium-Ion and Enhanced Flooded (Stop-Start), using an intuitive technician interface” stated Kimberly Cottle, President and CEO of Associated Equipment. “Working with both battery manufacturers and vehicle OE’s we developed a tool that fills the requirements for an adjustable amperage and voltage charger meeting the needs for today’s wide range of batteries and battery charging configurations. We know different battery types and different vehicles require different charging profiles, our IBC6008MSK empowers technicians to customize the output for the specific requirements of the battery or the vehicle they are working on, giving them tremendous flexibility!”

In addition to adjustable voltage/amperage charging, the Model IBC6008MSK, has patented diagnostics to detect weak or defective batteries, a designed-in adjustable voltage Reflash Power Mode for extended vehicle diagnostics and also performs deep discharge recovery of sulfated batteries including AGM. There is a top requested feature of 75%-80% Partial Charge Mode for quick charge and test needs as well as a 12V Power Port Memory Saver for use during battery replacement; the charger comes with a 10 ft. OBDII cable and custom- designed battery cable covers for safety. The IBC6008MSK boasts a two-year parts and labor warranty and a three- year transformer/rectifier manufacturer’s warranty.

“Since 1948, Associated Equipment has led the market in professional quality battery chargers and we are proud to launch another award winning wheeled charger designed and made right here in St. Louis, Missouri” continued Cottle, “currently in production, the IBC6008MSK and IBC6008 are the latest in our INTELLAMATIC® line of smart chargers”.

Associated Equipment Corporation designs, patents and assembles, in St. Louis, Missouri, a full line of heavy-duty battery charging, testing and portable power solutions, as well as booster cables and clamps, for automotive, aircraft and recreational vehicle use for a worldwide customer base. AEC also provides OEM approved equipment for major automotive manufacturers. AEC designs, imports and quality assures product under ATEC® brand with unique packaging targeting commercial channels. Associated Equipment Corp. provides a full line of fume extractors, downdraft tables and ambient air cleaners for the welding industry under the Ace Industrial Products and WeldSenseTM brands.

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