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At Associated Equipment, we utilize more than 70 years of experience to create high-quality battery chargers, testers, analyzers and more. Our experience and expertise make us the leader in the battery management tool and equipment industry.

Satisfied Customers


Thought my old 6015 Battery Charger had bitten the dust, until I was able to get in touch with you. It was a pleasure being able find knowledgeable people willing to spend the time and patience in helping a customer refurbish a 25+ year old Associated Battery Charger. With the help of your schematic and your recommendation of parts and repair procedures, the old charger works just like a new one. I really get a charge out of it.

John Clubb

Stafford, VA

I have used this battery charger for about two years so far and it is the best one I have ever bought. I am able to use it in any weather condition outside, and then take it back inside and it still works great. Charging capability is unbeatable, going from a small lawn mower to a monster truck battery.

Matt Acker

West Suburban Performance, L.L.C.

We have been using an Associated Battery Charger for eight years now in our battery shop. This unit is in use 6 days a week for about 10 hours each day. I am pleased to tell you it has never failed.

Josephine Gastardo

Pfafflin Windsock Automotive Services

In 1999, we purchased our first set of Associated chargers…the units function year in and year out in a safe and reliable manner. Their automatic functions perform as expected, and give us the confidence to leave them unattended during the charging process on vessels of great value. We have never had a charger do so much work for so many years.

Andy Shor

Burr Bros Boats Inc

It is a real pleasure to work with excellent American made equipment. I have been working on boats for many years. I like to invest in good tools, my 6029 battery tester has always performed perfectly, even after years of hard use. Just wanted to share that with you. Please keep making your products here in the USA.

Gus Gotuzzo

South Miami, Fl.

I have a very old associated/Hartman FC70 charger that still works and wonder why would anyone purchase anything else. It was handed down to me from my grandfather and from my best guess it's from the 60's.


Midwest Wheel

I think you hit nail on head recommending the 6002B charger. I want to thank all involved in making me a believer that there is still great customer service. I ended up with a product that works for my application because you took the time to understand what I needed (and got the product to me in very timely manner) and were very professional throughout the process.
Thank you guys very much!!

Dan Sawatsky

Sawatzky Snow Removal LLC

Battery Tool Experts

Especially known for its “Safe in Any Weather” wheeled chargers; Associated Equipment is privately-held and family-owned with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. For over 70 years, Associated has continued to provide the most versatile, reliable, innovative, and professional battery chargers, testers, booster cables and accessories. Associated Equipment products continue to be selected as OEM recommended equipment for major automotive manufacturers, fleet and heavy duty equipment providers.

OEM Tested and Approved

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