Model 8540

Starter Circuit Testers

Model 8540 Starter Circuit Tester

Allows ONE technician to handle the job of TWO when trouble

shooting electrical problems in the automotive starter system.

The innovative design monitors voltage drops across key connection points in the starter system.  When the voltage drop rises to a level that impedes operation of the system, the 8540’s LED’s inform the technician of where the problem resides.  Limited One Year Warranty.  The 8540 comes with standard length plug-in leads.  Optional extra long lead set (Model 8542) available for large trucks and off-road equipment.

Easy to decipher color coded leads.
Allows hands-free operation while the technician starts the vehicle.
Indicates you have a good connection to the points being monitored.
You no longer need to guess if you have a good connection.
Tests battery voltage to verify there is sufficient voltage before testing begins.
Monitors four connection points at one time.  Expedites testing process.
Allows the technician to test hard to reach areas while not being put into a precarious position during the starting operation.
Holds the status of all poor connections until the 8540 is reset, allowing the technician time to analyze the results.
Will automatically switch to the 24 Volt test setting if battery voltage is detected above 16 Volts.
Operates off of the vehicle’s battery, no external battery needed.
Will test either positive or negative connected ignition switch.


Limited warranty:
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